Gulf Wild

Always on the Hook


What does it mean for a fishing collaborative to be “on the hook”? It means we’re accountable for the quality of everything we do, at every step along the supply chain. Like our products, our company came from the Gulf— created by dedicated professional fishermen who understand that the ocean is the first, and most important, link in their supply chain.


We work to conserve the purity of the Gulf and the integrity of the people who make it their livelihood. Our fishermen work to maintain stringent standards of quality and honesty—including our TransparenSea™ Tracking System, which can tell you exactly how that fresh, delicious Gulf Wild® seafood found its way to you. Together, we’re working toward a sea change that will keep our oceans thriving.

Is that genuine American Red Snapper you just ordered? Do you know where your Grouper is from? When you eat Gulf Wild-caught fish, you know who harvested your fish, from where in the Gulf of Mexico, even at what port your fish landed. Safety. Security. Peace-of-Mind.

We Are Fishermen.

The Gulf Wild brand of seafood is a non-profit organization and a program of the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance, a commercial fishing trade organization. The Mission of Gulf Wild, is to engage and empower the BRANDING of seafood sustainability and fishery conservation in the Gulf of Mexico by inspiring positive change from the fishermen to the end consumer.

Working Toward a Sea Change.

Gulf Wild® is a proud member and active supporter of like-minded organizations nationwide


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